Friday, April 16, 2010

Week 15: Jason of all trades, Master of nothing

In my life I have been blessed to learn and do a lot of different things pretty well. To some extent, most of my family thinks I am a know at all. (especially T) They have a point, I am a little zealous about what I think to be right. Sorry fam, I'll do better. Let me give an example of all the things I am decent at. In high school, I played football, (received a scholarship to play in college), I was starter on the basketball team, I was in the band and played trombone ( made all the honor bands), I was a good student(made a 27 on my act), I was on the academic team, I was on the student council, I was member of the beta club. You see were I'm going, I was pretty decent at all the things in my life I have done. It sounds like I'm bragging but the story is about to change. I never, not one time, that I can ever remember have fullfilled my full potential at anything. I got a football scholarship, you would think I would be satisfied with that. The truth is I was a pretty decent player but I never was truly committed. I never devoted my self to the weight room, to the conditioning that could have made me great. This is hard for me to admit, but I was a good, Lazy player. I did what I had to do. Same way with basketball, never spent enough time, shooting, conditioning, preparing to be better, I averaged a double double, my senior year, but could have been dominant, I was lazy. I was a low B student, I made 100's on test and averaged 60 on homework( I never did it). One teacher told me that I was smarter than my older sister (she was salutatorian), but I was so lazy no one would ever know. I was a good trombone player, still play, but never made better than 2nd chair because I never practiced outside of class. At the honor bands I would always slide in around the middle of the group, I never practiced the music until the day I performed for the spot. Lazy, Lazy, Lazy. I could go on about these things, but the truth is I've never been as great as I thought I was. All these things translate into my life today. I'm overweight because I am too lazy to work at it. My spiritual life struggles because I at times, am too lazy to work at it. I have been so blessed that I can do pretty much anything, but I have never excelled, at anything. My rant tonight is to come clean, to repent, and to be real!

Lord, Family, Friends forgive me for my mediocrity.

Starting weight 404
Today's weight 383

total Loss 21 LBS

79 lbs to go

My flesh and my heart fail;But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Psalms 73:26 (NKJV)


  1. Jason - I know how hard this is for you. And I totally understand and can relate to the feelings of laziness. We all are too some extent. But, you fail to mention the one thing that you do excel at, being a father to your beautiful children and setting a good example for them to follow. I am proud of you for the things you have done in your life. And I am proud to call you a great friend that myself or Billy can come to. Love you bro!!

  2. What a testimony! You could so preach a series over laziness! I actually encourage you to do this my brother! I think it actually could turn into a small book that could touch a lot of peoples lives! I love you and know that you are forgiven! P.S. Who was that teacher? Gunter? I certainly wasn't lazy when it came to studies, I was a worrier, which is also a sin!